Bitcoin payments are the ’second stupidest idea I’ve ever heard‘

Stephen Colbert: Bitcoin payments are the ’second stupidest idea I’ve ever heard‘

Well-known US host Stephen Colbert spoke about Bitcoin on TV back in 2013: since then the price of the cryptocurrency has risen 40,000%

Stephen Colbert, charismatic host of The Late Show broadcast on CBS, doesn’t hold back his jokes when it comes to Bitcoin.

In a segment titled „Fortywhile,“ which features a hilarious news roundup for viewers cooped up at home, Colbert commented on a recent report by Vice in which hackers allegedly Bitcoin Code took control of Internet-connected chastity cages, devices worn by men that prevent them from engaging in any sort of sexual activity, and demanded a ransom in Bitcoin (BTC) to unlock them.

„Getting paid in Bitcoin? That’s the second dumbest idea I’ve ever heard,“ Colbert said with a laugh.

„Apparently these people connected their private part cages to the Internet and got hacked. Obviously it was bound to happen, it’s one thing to give control of your deprivation box to your better half, but from here to saying ‚I want to put my nether regions in the cloud‘ goes a long way!“

At the time, the Colbert Report host agreed

Colbert was one of the few talk show hosts to do a mainstream piece on cryptocurrencies in April 2013, when Bitcoin’s price was hovering between $50 and $300. At the time, the Colbert Report host agreed with Wall Street analyst Nick Colas, who described cryptocurrency as „nerd gold.“

„Bitcoin joins a rich tradition of invented currencies like Camel Cash and the Euro,“ Colbert joked. „Bitcoin only has value because a handful of people on the Internet agree it’s worth something.“

„If you don’t know what Bitcoin is… do you want to buy some? No? Are you sure?“

At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin stands at $37,300, having risen 40,000% since the piece was broadcast eight years ago.