„Bitcoin, a funny casino“ – This not-so-wacky multimillionaire fortune-maker

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Once reluctant, always reluctant – A lot of Bitcoin Cycle investors have changed their minds about Bitcoin in recent months. Despite growing adoption, this does not seem to convince Mark Mobius that Bitcoin is a „casino based on all sorts of rumours and speculation“.


„Bitcoin is not a currency“.

Mark Mobius, the founder of the investment fund Mobius Capital Partners, still does not seem to like Bitcoin.


In an interview with the Financial News, he said that Bitcoin „is not based on any reliable information“. According to him, the current rise in the price of the king’s cryptomony is pure speculation:


„Trying to predict the price of Bitcoin is a game for losers. »


However, these statements come as no surprise. Indeed, Mark Mobius‘ opinion on Bitcoin has been decided since 2017.


Old faded tulips in the streets of the city

At that time, he explained to Bloomberg that Bitcoin was by no means a currency, but only a simple means of exchange.



Always hard on the king of cryptomoney, he even went so far as to compare it to the famous phenomenon of the Dutch tulips. According to one of his statements in 2017 :


„Bitcoin even gives tulips a bad reputation. It is basically a religion. »


Conversely, many companies, such as MicroStrategy, are choosing to convert their cash into Bitcoins: a gamble in the face of the turbulent global environment and the supposed weakness of the dollar in the face of the pandemic.